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of Derek Carlson's Work

Web Design and Website Creation

Identity Development Institute

  • Built website in Kajabi

  • Worked with professional designer; did some design myself

  • Created vertical menu using custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Created the animated video on the homepage using DaVinci Resolve

  • Shot and edited part of the informational video on the "Sessions" page

Altadena Heritage Property Database

  • Designed site look, UI, and UX

  • Created site from scratch using Ruby on Rails

  • Fully responsive

  • Wrote raw HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; code available on GitHub at

  • Site is hosted on Heroku

  • Site employs a slick fuzzy search algorithm:


Videography and Visual Effects

Client Logo Animations

Logos, Drawing, Vector Graphics

C3 V2b 300x.png
Consc Creative Collab Script Font.png
CCC V2 Bitmoji 356x128 1MB Breathing.gif
Pencil Drawing Boat.png
Pencil Drawing Boat 2.png
Vector Art Hippie Van.png
Pencil Drawing SB.png
Vector Art bear.png
Vector Art Birds.png


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