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I Quote Myself and Friends

Updated: May 4

I've noticed over the years that every once in a while I have something quotable come out of my mouth. Or I hear something quotable come out of a friend's mouth in a conversation. Something pithy. Something that really resonates, feels like it has value. Somewhat like you might take 500 pictures with your cell phone, and every once in a while you find one that just has a magical, artistic quality about it. I figured these quotes wanted to live more than just in my head or in my journal, so I created this online forum for them. And now, the quotes, all by me unless otherwise noted.

An engineering guideline; my nuance to Occam's razor and the K.I.S.S. method:

Make things as complex as necessary

To keep things as simple as possible

My version of "you win some, you lose some" or "momma said there would be days like this":

Some code, I nod and grin

Other code, I hang my head in shame


Some days, my fu is strong

Other days, my fu is bar

Focus Pocus: n. The magic and synchronicities that happen when you put consistent focus on your goal, vision, or dream.

Used in a sentence:

"How in the world did you run into that opportunity?!?!"

"Focus pocus, man."

The 8 P's of Relational Healing:

Projection of our Parts onto our Partner is

Primarily Predicated on our Parents' Pain Patterns

- Inspired by Anarah Sharif and her concept of Parts, Partner, Patterns

My thoughts of nice and of neutrality,

But hide from me the vicissitudes of reality.

The sole purpose is soul purpose.

Be alarmed, we are endlessly armed,

But once unarmed, we walk arm-in-arm.

How is it, time and time again, our own insecurity tricks us into assuming we are the only one holding fear?  

- Celina Santana

Enlightened competition is beautiful, indistinguishable from play, and filled with joy as well as challenge.

It’s a mistake to call a mistake a mistake if there are 1000 mistakes to be made before we learn. Each mistake is one necessary step closer to the goal, so how can it be a mistake? It’s a step. In this sense, it’s not even a mistake to call a mistake a mistake.

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