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Synchronistic Intuitive Design

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I have a friend who is teaching me so much about creativity. She's a graphic arts designer and I've been working on websites with her.

She created a logo for the Identity Development Institute, shown above.

You'll notice that the moiré pattern illusion creates little "head and shoulders" silhouettes of three people at the 12 O'Clock, 3 O'Clock, and 9 O'Clock positions on the circle.

Well, perhaps on your screen, or phone, or at whatever resolution you are looking at the above image, you do not see the visual interference pattern. It depends on a number of variables. Perhaps if we zoom in on a screenshot taken with a cell phone camera it will be more obvious.

This was not intentional.

When the designer designed the logo and stumbled upon the idea to use multiple concentric circles, she didn't even realize that at some scales the logo would exhibit moiré patterns. When she saw the patterns she was annoyed, "Argh! Those aren't supposed to be there! How annoying!"

Here's the crazy synchronicity:

The Identity Development Institute uses a quantum process called "resonating" to facilitate trauma resolution in people's psyches. The phenomenon is such that other people in a group can subconsciously "pick up on" the trauma energies of a person who wants to address their trauma patterns (the Subject), and then support the Subject in processing those trauma energies.

These trauma energies are mostly repressed by the psyche and the Subject often has no idea they even exist. These trauma energies can also be likened to "wounded inner children" or "repressed sub-personalities."

Repressed though they are, this pain manifests itself in all sorts of physical, emotional, and situational issues in people's lives. Much of the trauma comes from when in the womb or within the first year of our lives, so we don't remember it. And because we didn't even have the faculty of language at that time, any type of talk therapy is virtually ineffective. The beauty of the natural phenomenon of resonating is that it allows the energies to be seen and healed through other people in a group. It is a miraculous way to access and process this subconscious, repressed pain with the support of others.

So what does this have to do with the logo above?

First, resonating is a quantum wave phenomenon, where the psychic waves of one person radiate and interact with the psychic waves of another person. The resonating phenomenon is a wave interaction pattern in the invisible energetic realm.

And a moiré pattern is... a wave interaction pattern. (

So the fact that the logo itself "just so happens" to unintentionally create a wave interaction visual on the screen of the website is quite curious.

And it gets even more weirdly coincidental...

If you look at the logo, the moiré pattern just so happens to manifest in three positions. So there's the literal, intentional little "i" at the bottom of the logo, and spread around it are the three "ghost head-and-shoulder" outlines created by the moiré pattern.

In these "resonating" group sessions (called ID Sessions or Identity Development Sessions), the format is for a Subject to choose three resonators, so there are usually four people in these group sessions.

This is identical to what has shown up in the logo!

One Subject - the "i" at the bottom - being surrounded by three others, and all of them interacting with each others through a psychic wave interaction pattern.

The metaphor of the logo so perfectly and so synchronistically represents ID Work and the structure of an ID Session that it's absolutely, astoundingly uncanny.

And the thing is, none of this was done intentionally. The designer just kept working with what was coming to her - or through her - and this all magically unfolded long after the logo was done when we finally got around to putting it on the website and viewing it at smaller, lower resolution scales.

Makes one think there might be some implicate order to the Universe that we don't fully understand... just like we don't fully understand the resonating phenomenon...

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