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There's got to be a better way: Honoring Consciousness

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

To do lists.

Main intent generally is to "get this done."

To do lists are driven by to-do consciousness.

It'll be better when it's done. It'll be better when I make it this way. I've got to fix this, finish this, make this happen. I'll feel good when, I'll feel safe when... it's all a means to an end, generally by manipulating external reality.

That's arbitrary and manipulative, controlling, forceful.

In the same way that the feeling of overwhelm comes from the arbitrary mindset of overwhelm.

I am shifting to a listening, honoring consciousness.

Still aware of causes and effects and the value of having certain things a certain way.

But at peace at the same time.

And acting with an honoring-consciousness, a presence consciousness, a non-force consciousness.

So many things we do, we do and enjoy them. We do just in the flow. We do and it feels right.

But there's all sorts of things we don't want to do, but we feel we should or must, so those go on to-do lists and become things we force ourselves to do.

The means and the ends are not aligned.

The means involves self-violence: forcing oneself. The end is supposed to be "it is better" or "I am better." So we hurt ourselves in order to help ourselves to a greater extent than we hurt ourselves in the process. Like -5 - -3 = -2.

But honoring consciousness has the means and ends aligned.

The means is peaceful, accepting, loving, honoring... and the result is things are better, more organized, cleaner, and at a far higher level of grace and flow than if they were completed via a forceful energy. And the whole process is more enjoyable.

So I am trying to find ways to replace to-do consciousness with honoring consciousness.

PS. Charles Eisenstein really blew my mind around this concept in this essay: The Paradox of Busy:

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