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For Just About Anyone

You are always welcome to call or email me with questions

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“I’ll Just Call My Computer Guy”


Like a teddy bear, comforting and supportive when technology has you frustrated; like a Swiss Army Knife, with a wide range of skills to help you with just about anything. 


If I can’t help, I can probably refer you to someone who can.




Do you wish you had someone friendly, knowledgable, and easy to talk to who you could call with your computer and technology questions?

Help with just about anything, just about anywhere, on just about any system, running on just about any hardware, cloud or local, web or mobile


What do you want to do with your computer that you are not yet doing?

Technology Training


Expand and leverage how you use your computer, phone, and technology.  You can do anything these days – there’s an app or web page or service that does it, whatever your need.  I can guide you to the answer, massage it to meet your needs, and train you to use it.

You: Empowered


Need help learning how to program a computer?

Code Tutoring


I have been programming code for over 30 years. In addition to a professional computer programmer, I have also been a teacher and a tutor, so my mix of skills and experience made code tutoring a natural offering. 


Not only do I have experience with most programming languages, I can explain what it’s like to think like a programmer.

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