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I know... why “Conscious”? 


After all, seems a given, as an unconscious computer consultant wouldn’t be of much use to anyone.


I’m not sure what the term means yet myself, but there’s something there – something as yet substantially unformed, the kernel of a new distinction being slowly brought into cultural awareness.


Thus, until I can better articulate what it means in a real-world, meat-and-potatoes kind of way, I will lead with this:


What do you get when you take a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, add that to 30+ years of experience with computers, software and systems, combine it with a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and 20 years of fervent spiritual seeking, and throw it all into a blender ?


Answer: A Conscious Computer Consultant.


* An actual blender that is, like the Vitamix we use to make our green drinks each morning. Not to be confused with the 3D software “Blender,” which we use to make logos and animations.


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