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Abundance in the Midst of Scarcity

We've all witnessed the mad raids on the grocery stores that happened the past two weeks. Fear. Scarcity. Every man and woman for themselves. That sort of thing.

This made me think about how important mindset is during times like this.

Not just because our mindset can bring us more peace, clarity, and effectiveness in dealing with the crazy events unfolding around us... but because our mindset can actually alter how life literally shows up for us. Like literally what happens or what doesn't happen.

At least it sure seems that way.

I've got one beautiful example, yet it seems rather cliché. And I've got another example that totally blew my mind.

But first, the more cliché example of mindset creating reality.

We, along with many other people, were down to only two rolls of TP about two weeks ago. So we hit the town in the middle of the mad rush to buy TP. We didn't want to stockpile it; we just wanted to do the regular TP shopping that we do when we get down to two rolls.

Well, of course, all the shelves were bare. But, perhaps thanks to all of the work on our mindsets we've done over the decades, we felt safe and abundant. We felt like things would work out.

So as it so happened we ended up talking to a woman in the parking lot of Vons about how all the TP was sold out. As we mentioned this she said, "Well do you need TP? I've got some in my car I can give you." And then she went and pulled out her emergency roll from the back of her car and gave it to us.

How cool was that?!?! A Good Samaritan. We felt so blessed and taken care of!

Then we got home and about an hour later a friend of ours came by and dropped off two more rolls of TP. "I heard you needed some," she said.

Again?!?! The blessings just seemed to keep rolling in!

But of course: when you are in a peaceful, trusting, receptive mindset, then things like this tend to happen. I've seen it a million times.

So that was way cool, but I pretty much expected life to show up that way for us.

But I didn't see this next one coming by a mile...

A few days later we went into Trader Joe's to buy some food. This was still smack dab in the middle of the first frantic wave of everybody buying all the TP, all the water, and all the everything from everywhere.

So in this Trader Joe's madhouse, we witnessed huge sections of the shelves entirely bare. Completely picked clean.

One thing I really needed was their Black Bean Taquitos. I love those. I eat those for lunch every day. As I was about to turn down the cold-stuff aisle, I was sure I was going to see the freezer section seriously picked through, if not entirely bare.

Well, what I saw was...

Yep, I laughed in shock too!

Proof, and reassurance to me, that my abundance mindset makes all the difference in the world, even in the midst of scarcity, fear, and chaos.

I mean, what are the odds?!? If that's not a sign from The Universe letting me know that we're safe and totally abundantly taken care of, I don't know what is!

Thank you Universe!

And if anyone needs some Black Bean Taquitos, drop me a line. I've got lots.

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