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I'm an atheist. But wait, there's more.

I've always rejected the traditional Christian view of God. The man in the sky with a white beard. The one who judges.

But I didn't know why.

Then I realized, much later in life, that I was rejecting the ego-centric God. The anthropomorphized God. The ego projected view of God. The lower level of consciousness idea of God.

And the idea that if you don't accept Jesus into your heart you are going to hell...

Those ideas are insane. They just never made any sense to me.

But now I realize that I threw the Baby out with the dirty bathwater that was muddied up with ego misperceptions.

God as unconditional love makes sense to me. God as the highest vibration of Light makes sense to me.

But how could an unconditionally loving God create a world filled with so much pain?

Answer: God didn't create this world. It's an ego created illusion. Reality is formless, infinite, eternal, entirely loving, and it's our real home. This universe of form is a falsehood, a temporary aberration of consciousness, a figment of imagination, a dream.

And that makes sense to me.

We already are in hell to the degree that we identify with the ego and with form. Accepting Jesus into our hearts is metaphorical for releasing ego beliefs and allowing unconditional love into our hearts.

And that makes sense to me.

Finally, something makes sense!

Not an ego-centric God, but a soul-centric God. Not an athropomorphized view of God, but a formless view of God. Not an ego projected view, but a Truth projected view. Not a lower level of consciousness idea of God, but a higher level of consciousness Idea.

An illuminated view of God.

I don't believe in the old view of God, but I do believe in the new.

Thus, you might call me an atheistic theist.

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