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The Alignment of Ends and Means

Why do I value that means and ends are aligned?

Why is it important to me that both the means and the ends are loving, graceful, and filled with good energy?

I mean win/win, not just for you and me, but for the process as well as the final result.

Is this just a fluffy “nice to say” new age philosophy or buzz-phrase, or are there practical implications?

I can think of two:

The first involves the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. And, temporally, like in the moment attracts like in the future: what goes around, comes around.

So what I am being like, what I am feeling like, and the quality of my intent and energy right now is attracting similar energy in my future. Since I want to attract loving, graceful energy in the future, I want to be that energy in the moment.

Loving means – while yes, it does create loving ends – it perhaps more importantly attracts more loving, supportive situations in the future that may have nothing to do with what I am doing now, yet everything to do with what I am being now.

Second, if my ultimate “end” is to be loving, joyous, and fulfilled in the moment, then the means is the end. The quality of my consciousness, my energy, my intent in the moment is what I value the most, so if I’m being conscious as I’m doing various things to achieve various ends, then that consciousness in the moment is the instantaneous end and simultaneously the most important end.

Create, Manifest, Attract, Choose, Tune-In To

What about these loving, graceful situations in the future that we are attracting? New age and personal development concepts always speak about how we create or manifest our reality, so are we attracting a certain type of future, or creating it, or manifesting it?

Well, from one perspective, it's potayto, potahto: all those phrases refer to the same thing: our witnessing of, and experience of, events in our future.

However, I find it useful to view this in terms of choosing an already existing future path (or timeline) that has a certain energy content (energetic).

Is Schrodinger’s cat dead or alive?

Well, both. In one timeline, it’s dead. In another, it’s alive. And perhaps there are also infinite timelines in between and around those two.

And different timelines have different frequencies, like channels on a radio. Yet all exist simultaneously. All pasts, all futures, in all dimensions, already fully exist; and in fact, already are fully gone. But our minds are replaying their way through this illusory, already-gone structure.

So as I seem to move forward in time, I am actually choosing to move along one particular preexisting path among many, each with differing energetics. I like to think of this like the many paths a puck can take as it falls downwards in a pachinko machine.

Me attending to my loving consciousness in the moment is me tuning my psychic astral-manifestation frequency along the lines of a certain timeline with a certain frequency.

So, the pachinko puck that I am then moves forwards in time along a more loving timeline, and I might think of this in terms of: I am attracting the loving, supportive, synchronistic events in my future; or I am creating them; or I am manifesting them.

But for me, it’s more foundational and more useful to think in terms of me tuning my consciousness into love in the moment, and that is the practical way that I choose the quality of the energetic of the timeline I am living on, like the rails that guide a train.

Which, again, is the reason why it is so important that the means and the ends be aligned in love.

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