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Value God Not

This came to me this morning:

Value God not.

I didn’t understand it, so I asked, and this was the answer.

Value or worth is a judgment by definition. Valuing something is judging it as valuable, good, worthy.

The opposite is valueless, or worthless, sometimes synonymous with bad.

But only the ego judges. There can be no value judgment unless you are identifying with the ego.

If there were no ego, there would be no judgment of value; indeed, the concept of value would not exist.

Therefore: honor all, love all, appreciate all…

and value nothing.

For there is nothing valuable in the universe.

Yet, love everything in the universe.

Honor everything in the universe.

Appreciate everything in the universe.

Value God not. Love God entirely.

To practice letting go of the habit of judging the relative value of everything, I have now developed a habit of saying, “God bless this through me. It means nothing to me.”

When nothing means anything (to my ego), then I can experience that everything means love to my true nature.

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