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Where's Alderaan?

This is just my experience thus far. It may be a common experience - I kinda suspect it is - but it may also only happen to maybe 10% of the people on this path. Nah, I suspect it happens to 99.9% of the people on this path at some point or another.

Either way, it's something I noticed.

I started a spiritual path perhaps 25 years ago and got really serious about it in just the last 4 months. I wanted greater love, joy, and peace in my life - the natural result of dissolving fear.

Well, right now I feel like I've been going through a swift elevation in consciousness. It reminds me of the Millenium Falcon in the 1977 Star Wars movie, where it jumped to light speed to make its way to Alderaan.

"The galaxy knows Alderaan as 'the planet of beauty.' Nature, poetry, philosophy, art, couture, cuisine—we freely share all with all." - Bail Organa

That seems somewhat a metaphor for Heaven.

At any rate, when the Millenium Falcon exited light speed and reached Alderaan, Alderaan was gone, and they were rocked and shaken and bombarded by the asteroid fragments of the destroyed planet.

I don't think Heaven has been destroyed by a long shot. However, as I am reaching this level of consciousness, I feel like instead of peace I am being rocked and shaken and bombarded by pain. Everything hurts, a lot. Emotional pain, mostly anxiety, and physical pain - my back and neck, most of my joints, burning feet and forearms, numbness and tingling in my appendages. Daily it's maybe a 6-7 on the pain scale.

Where's the idyllic state of peace I was looking for? Where's Alderaan?

On the other hand, to be fair, I do feel a certain high level of peace in the midst of turmoil, and I also newly feel a warm-hearted connection with others. A seemingly never-ending flow of creativity and intuitive insight has been crashing on the shores of my mind like waves during a storm. All sorts of synchronistic flow has almost seemed to become the norm in the events in my daily life. So there are a lot of perks that have been showing up, but it's still a miasma of transformation.

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