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Sometimes Time Doesn't Heal

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

It's a line from "If I Had Eyes" by Jack Johnson.

That phrase has been singing through my head for the past half hour.

Any trauma, but especially childhood trauma - including in utero trauma, causes psyche dissociation. Causes one to develop disowned aspects of the psyche. Causes soul splits.

And those cause all sorts of problems in a person's life. Their entire life. Generally time does not heal these sorts of wounds. People take them to their graves.

And the effects of these disowned aspects are all too real in a person's life. Failed relationships. Inability to thrive. Depression. Anxiety. Lost jobs. Lost dreams. Severe and chronic problems with physical health. On and on and on.

It's utterly tragic what these do to people's lives and fates.

But the disowned aspects themselves are entirely invisible. You can't get to them very well at all with conventional psychotherapy or talk therapy. At least in my experience, and I've spent 30 years at this game of emotional healing.

So if your attitude is to just let traumas, even seemingly small ones, drift into the past unhealed, based on an belief that things will sort themselves out and heal in time, then you're most likely making a huge mistake.

Sometimes time doesn't heal, no not at all. It just doesn't work that way. Unfortunately.

But healing is possible. And it's worth seriously engaging.

Like I said, I haven't had much luck with most psychotherapeutic approaches. Nor with most emotional exercises led in group settings.

But I am finding some hope using this modality:

Which is based on the work of Franz Ruppert in Germany:

And also working with a shaman or a person gifted in helping people heal soul splits also has been very helpful.

More to come on this as I get farther along the path.

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