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Do you have a go-to guy to call when the computer stuff is acting up and draining your momentum?

Go-To Guy

Digital MacGyver

Technological Swiss Army Knife


A lot of things a business needs these days are online and computer related.  This stuff is generally easy for me, but often challenging, time consuming, or frustrating for others.


One phone call can give you an answer, get you unstuck, or at least be a place to start.  In many cases I can help, and if I can’t, I either know someone who can or I can research good options.

As a business in this digital age, it’s handy to have one of these in your pocket –or at least a phone call away.

Can you increase ease and efficiency and decrease errors in your daily business processes?

Fast, easy, accurate – automatic.

(Or at the very least, at the push of a button.)

Workflow Architect:

Business Process

Streamlining and Automation


Don’t waste time doing tedious stuff.

Don’t make needless errors.

Don’t train people unnecessarily.


We take the tedious, time consuming, and/or repetitive things you do with computers, software, or the internet and use various techniques to make them happen at the push of a button, or even automatically.


I call this “automating the automatable.” It increases accuracy, decreases errors, decreases the amount of work and time things take, and makes people feel happier and more empowered by offloading the tedium and drudgery to an automatic system.

“I'm frequently amazed at the arcane technical practices of small businesses -- they have no (or the wrong) technical resources, and just muddle through their workflow processes using the Office suite and sheer determination."

System Design and Integration


I figure out solutions (generally using the plethora of amazing tools now freely available), get them dialed in to meet your needs using customization, scripting, programming and automation, and then I train and support your team on how to use the system.


I designed, built and supported a large multi-dimensional information system for the Los Angeles School District. Over the span of nine years, I trained and supported over 100 users spread across 26 schools. I learned through experience what does and doesn’t work when training people (many of them non-tech oriented) to use a system, as well as how to design a system for graceful workability – i.e. design choices that tend to reduce error and frustration, and leave users more uplifted, empowered, and therefore happy.


Would you benefit from a customized system that is effective and has a heart?

-Randy, Senior Software Engineer

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