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Building conscious, loving systems since 1984...

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I design graceful computer and computing solutions.

I like to call them Conscious Systems Solutions. 

These incorporate creative, vibrationally-elevated software.

I also excel at Excel VBA macro programming, data analysis,

data and systems automation, and data processing.   And I make it fun!

I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, when I was 12, and started programming it within the first day.  Since then, I’ve been building software and systems and hacking around with all sorts of computers for over three decades.  It’s been both my hobby as well as my vocation.  From robots to large multi-user information systems, from organizing data on movies like Harry Potter to programming neural networks for medical schools – I’ve done a little, or a lot, of it all, and now I’ve become sort of a “go to guy” who can figure just about anything out and build just about anything.


I’ve found that I thrive the most when I work with people.  I love interaction, communication, and collaboration.  I can go off to my corner and program a solution, but I find it most fulfilling when I’m engaging people and the challenges they face. Because of this, I love finding clever, creative solutions for people as well as facing larger systems design and integration challenges.

I am honored to not only offer my services but also to be of service.  If I can help you in any way, please feel free to give me a call!



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I know... why “Conscious”? 


After all, seems a given, as an unconscious computer consultant wouldn’t be of much use to anyone... (read more)

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